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Burn You Down Time Lapse Promo!

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Check it out! This is a time lapse that the Director, Dillon Garland put together of the total creation, and tear down of the set for “Burn You Down” !! Pretty cool to see it all from start to finish – Gets me more and more excited for the final cut of the music video! :) hope you guys enjoy!

Burn You Down Music Video

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Over the weekend, I teamed up with Director Dillon Garland, River Point Films, to shoot a music video for my tune, “Burn You Down”! Dillon has worked on a number of other productions, including a recent music video with The Town Heroes. Brandon Mercer, Pompskullmedia, was the Artistic Director for the set and Actor in my video who was a blast to work with. The set was built from the ground up night before the shoot and looked phenomenal. Everyone on the crew was hardworking and dedicated, and all of them have so much talent in the Film Industry – It was an honour to have work with them! I’d like to thank Dillon, Brandon, Chelsea, Leon, Yousef, Jarrod and Dan so much for the amazing shoot and I can’t wait for the final cut! It’s release date will be up shortly, and so will some images from set in my photo gallery.


Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Open Mic for Women In Song! Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been happy to play at some of the Company House’s Open Mic’s. I’m even happier to say I’m playing another there this up-coming Tuesday (February 26th) for a female based show! If you’re a chick, and a musician, this is a great stage to take part in as it’s a branch from the South Shore’s music Festival “Harmony Bazaar”. This festival celebrates Women in Song for an intire weekend over the Summer, and has been hosting these open mics to celebrate outside of the South Shore and more often just how great it is to be a female artist! Come check it out at one of Halifax’s best venues for listening to music! And Boys are more than welcome! haha Share this your friends and hope to see you there!


Hello HMP Recording & Development !

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013


Hey Everyone,

So far my new year is off to a great start, as I am very excited to announce, I am now on the Artist Roster for HMP Recording & Development! Go check out their facebook page and see the other amazing artist’s on the label from all over Canada! I have loads of news coming up this year working with them, and hope to share it with you all very soon.

Thanks for the support !

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